Used Cars For Sale: How To Avoid Buying A Lemon

When considering used cars for sale online or in your Philadelphia neighborhood, it is always important to know you run the risk of getting a lemon. The problems affecting the ability of the vehicle to operate properly may be minor; they can also be serious. When considering the purchase of any used vehicle, in a driver or on a car lot, always be sure you know what you are getting yourself and your wallet into.

Before You Visit

Before you go to look at the car, or even the ads, make sure you have established certain criteria.

  • Know the maximum amount of money you can afford
  • Be sure you know a mechanic in Philadelphia willing to look at the vehicle
  • Do not look at a vehicle that is not suitable for your purpose
  • Consider the age of the car. Compare it with how long you want it to operate
  • Have more than a vague idea of what model, make and year you want and the pros and cons of your top three to five

While a vehicle listed online may be promising, remember purchasing from a dealership may be wiser.

Before You Purchase

Used cars for sale require you take extra care before actually making an offer and purchasing. Consider the following steps:

  • Test drive the vehicle
  • Ask for and go over any car documentation, e.g., history, accident records, repairs, etc.
  • Any certification available
  • Have a mechanic check it out thoroughly
  • Make a vehicle history check

Remember, you generally buy a used car “as is” from private owners. Usually used car dealerships give customers a limited warranty

Used Cars for Sale

Some sellers are passing on a vehicle with issues to whoever is willing to pay them. Do not join those who now suffer from buyer’s remorse. Always look at used cars for sale with a jaundiced eye. Do your research and, you can reduce the risk of purchasing a lemon.

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