A Broad Range of Responsibilities for Residential and Commercial Electricians in Buckley WA

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Electrician

Electricians in Buckley WA providing residential and commercial service have a broad range of responsibilities. No two workdays are ever the same. They may spend more than one day installing an electrical system in a brand new house or many days wiring a business building. The next week, several days might be spent traveling to different places to complete smaller projects.

Rewiring and New Installation

Fully rewiring older homes is a more extensive project than wiring new houses because the framework is still open in new construction. Installing an electrical system in a commercial building can be an enormous project. Electricians in Buckley WA follow blueprints and schematic diagrams to bring the design from an electrical engineer into reality.

Scheduled Repair Work

Residential electricians usually are not asked to respond to an emergency call, although this can happen sometimes. Most problems that develop with residential systems can be scheduled on the calendar. Next-day service may be available. For example, the household residents may have a light switch that has quit working or that only works intermittently. Some men and women simply ignore the problem, but that’s not a good idea either, since there is an underlying electrical issue.

Additional Electrical Access

Many residential projects are related to the household’s desire for additional electrical access. Customers might live in an older home that doesn’t have enough outlets for today’s electrical usage, for instance. They don’t want to hook up several devices to extension cords because this makes rooms look cluttered. They may realize that most extension cords are not intended for long-term use.

Some customers want an electrician from a company such as Kraft Electric to do this part of the work on a large remodeling project. The homeowners may be finishing a basement as a do-it-yourself project, for example, but they don’t want to try completing the electrical part of the job. Because of the potential hazards, they want to be certain the work is done correctly. In this kind of project, the additional electrical use will likely require more circuitry added to the panel along with installation of wiring for light fixtures, outlets and more.

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