Understanding the Social Security Law in Kansas City

Are you physically or mentally disabled and confused about the Social Security law in Kansas City? So many people have a hard time understanding the law and their rights to file for disability. The laws can vary by state, yet many of them are the same across the country. Though you have the ability to file for Social Security benefits on your own, it is in your best interest to get help from a lawyer. The lawyer can help you with understanding the law, your rights and the process for filing. Since the lawyer does most all of the work, you can focus on treating your condition and getting on with your life.

When you first come in for your free consultation with the Grundy Disability Group, you will need to make sure that you bring in your medical information. The attorney will have you to sign a medical release so that he or she can obtain all of your medical records. This information is essential in filing a Social Security disability claim. Without it, you will have no chance of proving that you are disabled.

The Social Security law in Kansas City requires that you have at least two medical doctors to provide proof that you are permanently disabled. If you only have one doctor’s record, your case will be denied. This is why it is important to work with your attorney. They know the laws well and can inform you of the steps that you need to take in getting your approval for your claim. By following this advice, you will help the process to go much more smoothly and allow your attorney to be better able to represent you.

The process for filing for disability begins with an initial claim that is often denied. This should not disturb you because it is a common occurrence. Even if you are denied, the Social Security law in Kansas City allows you to appeal. Through the law offices of the Grundy Disability Group, you can receive the answers and the help that you need so that you can better understand the process for filing for disability.