Hiring A Collection Defense Attorney In Richmond

A Collection Defense Attorney Richmond protects consumers against unethical collection efforts. New laws that now apply to limits imposed on collection agencies prevent probable harassment, and unlawful practices were enacted to protect consumers and their privacy. Due to these laws, collection agencies may be restricted to where they may contact you in regard to debts. An attorney practicing in this field is familiar with these laws and stipulations that apply to various situations.

Collection Agencies and the Law

In past decades, collection agencies were allowed to call consumers constantly in regard to debts. However, these practices have changed due to new legislation. In some cases, collection agencies are unable to contact you at your place of business to communicate with you in regard to debts. These laws are also based on consumer privacy laws. Consumers have the right to keep these matters private. Collection agencies that attempt to violate these rights may present the consumer with an actionable claim.


Collection agencies are no longer allowed to harass consumers in the ways in which they were once allowed. For instance, any consumer who notifies a collection agency that they no longer wish to receive phone calls in regard to a specific debt may have a claim. Typically, the requirement is to submit a letter to the collection agency. However, in some areas, these laws may vary. Any further communications through the selected outlet are a violation of the consumer’s rights.

Local Representation

Krumbein & Associates PLLC provides collection defense services. These options enable these attorneys to fight against collections and foreclosures. They are also familiar with predatory lending practices in which lenders seek out individuals who are desperate to purchase a home only to discover that they are unable to afford their mortgage. If you are facing foreclosure or collection agencies are harassing you,it is beneficial to you to contact these attorneys to establish your rights.


Your Collection Defense Attorney Richmond advises you in matters related to debt collection and your rights. While, yes, the collection agencies have the right to contact you, it is up to you as to how they contact you. If a collection agency is harassing you and exceeding the scope of what is lawful, you should contact your preferred attorney to determine the most effective course of action to prevent further unlawful tactics.

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