Understanding How To Complete An Asbestos Survey In London

As a commercial property owner you need to know that under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Regulation 4, you have a duty to manage asbestos in your building. This means that you need to identify first if you have asbestos, which are typically referred to as ACMs or Asbestos Containing Materials. This can easily be done by a company that is able to provide an asbestos survey in London.

It is important to realise that while you have a legal duty to manage asbestos, the actual asbestos survey in London is not a legal requirement if you are repairing, maintaining or renovating a building. However, most landlords now have a survey done to prevent the need and expense of using protection for asbestos if, in fact, none is present in the structure.


It is essential for the results of the asbestos survey in London to be highly accurate, so you want to select a company that only employs highly skilled, trained and experienced technicians.

These professionals will know where in the building to look for asbestos and where to take samples for full determination of the risk that the building poses. Unskilled and untrained individuals will not know where to sample or what to look for which can leave you with misunderstanding and unsafe conditions for proceeding with the construction, renovation or demolition work.

What You Will Know

Most of the top companies providing an asbestos survey in London will do an overview or general survey that will identify the specific locations where asbestos is present in the building. Then, once they have been identified, they will complete a more in depth asbestos survey.

This second survey will be more invasive and test all possible ACMs in the area. It will also provide you with the specific information about the type of asbestos that is present and the specific materials that are affected.

From the asbestos survey in London the company can then complete an asbestos risk register and then a plan for how to remove the ACMs. The risk register can be updated as asbestos is removed or if the existing ACMs undergo any type of deterioration that may impact safety in the future.

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