How Discoloration Can Tempt You To Get Teeth Whitening in Vineland

Teeth whitening means turning teeth whiter. Like hair can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide, teeth can also be bleached. Most people are understandably upset with discolored teeth, and would like to do something to get rid of everyday stains. Teeth Whitening in Vineland and Dental Implants can help do just that.

What causes discolored teeth?

Teeth can become discolored from the outside or from inside the tooth’s nerve and pulp. The external stains are easier to treat than internal stains. External stains are caused by dyes from food and beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine. Stimulants, like tobacco and some liquid medications, can also cause discoloration.

Internal stains can occur in connection with the death of the nerve (pulp), especially after a blow to the tooth. This can cause bleeding in the pulp and blood can be deposited in the tooth, which darkens possibly to completely black. Internal stains can also be caused during pregnancy, for example, if the mother is receiving medication like tetracycline. It is built into the tooth during its formation. Also, certain inherited diseases can mark up the teeth, which discolor them due to defective enamel structure.

1. Age also plays a role. When a person gets older, their teeth turn yellowish or gray. This is, however, a natural process you can and should do something about. An older person with teeth that are “too white” just seems unnatural. That is why many people that undergo teeth whitening range from 20 to 50.

The efficacy and durability of external bleaching

There are scientific studies stating the efficacy and durability of external bleaching, but the first visible color changes of home bleaching are often seen after a few days. A visible effect is obtained in most patients, but the durability of the final whitening results varies greatly. Bleaching can be repeated after one to three years, but normally you can reconsider whitening again after a consult.

How do you avoid stained teeth?

     *      Frequent dental cleanings.

     *      Avoid high consumption of food, beverages or tobacco that cause discolorations.

     *     In cases where the teeth are heavily stained and cannot be bleached, applying a crown is possible.

Teeth Whitening in Vineland should be done in consultation with a dentist or dental hygienist. You should not try to whiten teeth with products purchased abroad or over the internet. For more information, Contact Millville Family Dental PA

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