Types Of Foam Mattresses

One of the perceived advances in mattress technology has been the use of foam. Foam is commonly located in the comfort zone of a mattress, but it may also be present in the support system. Wherever its location, foam is becoming exceedingly popular as part of a mattress. In the hunt for the comfortable foam mattress in Jackson MS, many people look to foam.

Yet, do these individuals realize what they are getting? Are they aware of the different types of foams that comprise different mattresses? Before anyone goes out to purchase a foam mattress, he or she should be aware that not all foams are the same. Indeed, there are different types including Memory Foam and Latex.

Memory Foam
This type of foam mattress is better known that any of its counterparts. The material that makes up this unique and even space age material is viscoelastic. Among the various types of foam, this is the longest lasting. Yet, this is not what consumers like about it. They believe it:
.Conforms to the body
.Minimizes movement in bed making it more comfortable for everyone
.Soothes joint pain
.Relieves pressure points
.Non-allergenic – resistant to dust mites

Memory foam mattresses adjust to the shape and weight of a sleeper. It also reacts to individual body heat. This makes it warm during the winter but can also make it seem too hot during the summer.

As with many products, the quality will differ depending upon the model and the manufacturer. Be sure to check such things as thickness and density before you purchase. A higher density (4-6 pounds) is usually better for you than a lower one. Also, be sure to find out the indentation load deflection (ILD) rating. If you prefer a firm mattress, pick one with a high ILD.

Latex was the very first non-allergenic foam on the market. It consists of two basic elements: latex foam and a pad or protector of cloth. The composition may be of natural or synthetic rubber. Like Memory Foam, a Latex foam mattress is hot in summer, but unlike Memory Foam it is cool in summer. Benefits of Latex foam mattresses include:
.Conforms to body shape
.Resistant to bacteria and dust mites
.Biodegradable – if 100% natural Latex
.Good for back and joint pain
Yet, some people are actually allergic to Latex. They can enjoy this time of foam mattress if they do not come into actual contact with the Latex. If you decide to purchase a Latex mattress in Jackson MS, be sure you know it is heavier than the Memory Foam equivalent.

An Alternative

In addition to Memory Foam and Latex foam mattresses, you can consider buying a Green Memory Foam mattress. These, unlike Memory foam are biodegradable, containing a high percentage of such natural materials as soy products. If you want a Green Memory, Memory or Latex Foam Mattress, Jackson MS stores can provide you with a wide selection of models. If you are looking for a Foam Mattress In Jackson MS look no further than Mattress Direct. We can help you select the right foam mattress for your needs. Talk to our knowledgeable staff. See our selections at.

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