Save Money on your Heating in Riverdale

Everyone is facing rising heating costs. Opening the bill can be down-right scary. There are a lot of ways to save money; some of them are easy and inexpensive or even free.

Free tips: Turning down the thermostat is a no-brainer, but every degree that it is turned lower will save approximately 3% on the heating bill. Don’t let bathroom and kitchen fans blow all of that expensive warm air outdoors; only run them for as long as they are needed. Check the setting on the water heater; for most people, reducing the temperature to 115-120 degrees will be fine. Building a fire in the fireplace seems as though it should help with the heat bill, but may in fact suck heat out of the room. When not in use, make sure that the damper is closed. Make sure that furniture isn’t blocking any of the heating vents. Lastly, open and close curtains depending on the sunlight and time of day to help save money on Heating in Riverdale.

These tips will save a lot more than they cost: Find and fix any leaks in door, windows or other areas. Door sweeps, caulking, weather-stripping and outlet gaskets won’t cost very much, but removing drafts will keep the heat inside where it’s needed. Regular maintenance on the heating and cooling system will reduce energy consumption since it will be operating more efficiently. Change filters regularly. Heat can be lost in ductwork that has become disconnected in spots and now has gaps. It may be worthwhile to have a professional inspection done. Putting an insulating ‘jacket’ on the hot water heater will increase savings gained by turning down the thermostat. The most expensive money-saving tip is to install a new, energy-efficient system. Over the long term, this offers tremendous savings, especially since fuel costs continue to rise.

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