Tucson Bee Removal Treatment To Effectively Remove a Bee Infestation

A bee infestation can be a serious situation, especially if there are people in your home who are allergic to bee stings. An infestation of bees can be difficult to remove and Tucson Bee Removal Treatment requires professional extermination to fully remove the infestation. If the infestation of bees it are Africanized bees it is extremely important that you contact Wildcat Exterminating, Inc. Instead of attempting to remove them yourself.If you notice an infestation of bees do not provoke the bees or disturb the hive. Africanized bees will often attack even without provocation and they are territorial, which means they can instinctively find the hive from a distance of about one mile.

So, without correct Tucson Bee Removal Treatment they will find their way back to the hive. In order to get rid of the infestation the entire hive has to be removed. In some situations a bee hive and the honeycomb can be several feet in length and width. If you notice a few bees around an area of your home, the hive and honeycomb may be under the siding. If the infestation is due to a hive under the siding of your home, it is necessary to remove the siding and have the honeycomb completely removed by a professional. If the queen bee is left in the hive, simply removing the noticeable bees will not solve the problem. While the exterminator is removing the hive and cleaning the honeycomb area, it may be necessary to leave your home until the task is completed.

An exterminating service has the appropriate equipment to safely and effectively remove the entire colony as well as ensure that all of the honeycomb has been removed from the home. Once the hive has been completely removed, the extermination company will take the appropriate steps to prevent the risk of a future infestation. The entire area will be completely cleaned with soapy water to remove any traces of the chemical pheromone bees leave. The wax from the honeycomb is removed with a heat gun, which melts the wax and prevents a re-occurrence of the bee infestation.

Tucson Bee Removal Treatment

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