If You Are A Recreational Vehicle Enthusiast; Seattle, WA Would Be A great Place To Live

I would guess that there are very few people with drivers’ licenses that haven’t had some desire to get behind the wheel of a great RV (recreational vehicle) and drive off into the unknown and, with all that great scenery surrounding Seattle; you might think that RV sales in Seattle would be phenomenal; but, is that the actual situation? Unfortunately, it is probably not as good as that.

What Do You Get From An RV?

In theory, an RV can be any vehicle; where the body has been; either deliberately designed; or converted from something else; to include space for fitting it out with all the basic living and sleeping facilities that we would expect to find in our homes. This is in addition to a driver’s seat and, usually, some additional passenger seating (you might go horseback trekking on your own; but, touring in an RV is something that you want to do in company of friends or family).

For this basic concept to work at its best; the vehicle has to be quite large; in order to accommodate “all the luxuries of home”. If you don’t want comfort; why not buy a backpack and tent and set off on foot?

Size Has Its Pros & Cons

The bigger your RV; the more space you have for the fittings inside it (number of beds; kitchen equipment; baths and showers; toilets; air conditioners; etc, etc.); which is why; on a typical lot for RV sales in Seattle; you can see RV’s that are 44 feet long; have 2 pairs of rear wheels and weigh upwards of 20 tons. Large RV’s, of this type, are usually built around a bus/coach body and chassis and new ones do carry quite a sizeable price tag.

Additionally, these big RV’s are not the best of vehicles to be driving for our routine activities; such as commuting to work; doing the marketing; or taking the kids to school; for those jobs we need something more practical in size and, of course, less gas guzzling. The total RV sales in Seattle are bound to be diminished; because, not everybody can afford an extra vehicle that will be used purely for vacations and other recreational activities.

Although Beaver Coach Sales & Service are Oregon based; they do offer RV sales in Seattle and they do have an extensive selection of new and pre-used RV’s available. Phone them on 1(800) 382-2597; or browse their website at beavercoachsales.com.

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