Treatment for Low Back Pain in St Louis

Low back pain is a common health condition that bothers many people at some point during their lives. The causes of Low Back Pain in St Louis are surprisingly numerous, and what treatment is best depends on the cause of the pain. Once a healthcare professional has determined the reason for the low back pain, relief should be attainable. Here are some of the most common causes of low back pain.


Often people who are afflicted with low back pain can remember the exact time it began in connection with an accident of some kind. Perhaps they were in an automobile wreck, or had a fall on an icy sidewalk during the winter. Those who play intense sports have a higher risk of low back pain, since a stumble while running fast or a tackle during a football game could get the problem started.

People can also get lower back pain due to trying to lift something that was too heavy for them to hold or because they lifted it improperly. Often the pain may specifically be caused by a sprain in their back, in which case treating the sprain will alleviate the pain and allow patients to recover.

Other Causes

Many instances of low back pain are caused by a problem involving the nerves in the back, such as sciatica. If any of the nerves end up compressed due to one of the vertebra in the spine slipping out of place, it can cause severe pain. Herniated discs are also fairly common. These types of back problems can come about without necessarily having a noticeable accident that causes them.

In some instances, low back pain may be due to a condition that does not directly affect the back. Kidney stones, for example, can cause pain in the lower back. Arthritis and fibromyalgia may lead to pain throughout the body, and the pain may be particularly bad in the lower back area for some people. A small number of people may also have low back pain due to problems like a tumor or infection.

If Low Back Pain in St Louis is interfering with life, be sure to get the cause diagnosed so that treatment can begin. Visit Website to learn more about how this condition is treated.

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