Factors to Consider When Comparing Car Accident Lawyers in Upper Marlboro, MD

Car accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD may appear to be a dime a dozen, yet individuals shouldn’t choose any name when they need someone to handle their case. Attorneys do vary greatly in many different areas. Thus, victims of a car accident need to ensure they get the right person to assist them. Reputation plays a role in this, but the injured party needs to ensure they feel comfortable working with the attorney. These are only two factors to consider when making this important decision.

First and foremost, when choosing an attorney, make sure the lines of communication remain open. A victim needs to be able to speak to their lawyer at any time during the case if a problem arises or new information is obtained. Also, the lawyer needs to explain things in a way the victim can understand. Any attorney who uses legal jargon and doesn’t answer questions posed by the victim needs to be avoided. This is a partnership. Thus both parties must be able to talk about the case on equal footing.

Next, the fees of the attorney need to be discussed. This is where many individuals run into trouble. Numerous lawyers claim their clients don’t pay if they don’t win the case. What exactly does this mean? Does the client walk away not owing a dime or are there certain fees he or she will remain responsible for? This may include court filing fees or travel expenses. Attorneys have different fee schedules. Thus it’s best to obtain this information up front, to avoid unwanted surprises further down the road.

When the time comes to compare car accident lawyers in Upper Marlboro MD, be sure to check out With more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, Mr. Seidman understands what clients need during this difficult time. He effectively represents clients and has earned a reputation for delivering the desired results. He remains by the client’s side throughout the process. Give him a call today to receive this help and move past this trauma. It isn’t as difficult as many think when an experienced lawyer is there to help at every step.

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