Traits the Best Dermatologist for Teens with Exhibit

Being a teenager is tough enough, but having a chronic case of acne makes things even more difficult. A face full of pimples can really eat at a teenager’s self-esteem. Most don’t understand that the skin problem really isn’t their fault, that it generally stems from hormones. The fact that most teens use a heavy layer of cosmetics to try to hide the acne causes the pores to become even more clogged, making the acne worse. As a parent you won’t be able to help your teenager through ever challenge they face, but making an appointment with the best dermatologist for teens will at least help them feel better about their skin. When you’re looking for a dermatologist for teens, there are a few things you want to take into consideration.

The best dermatologist for teens will be someone who has a great deal of experience working with teens. Not only should they have a great understanding of teenage skin, but they should also understand teenage attitudes, mindsets, and values. The more the doctor can relate to their teenage patients the better. A really good doctor will be able to provide your teen with some sound advice about life and skin care. They should also be surrounded by a staff that has a good attitude when it comes to teenagers.

The best dermatologist for teens won’t always be the first to suggest prescription medications for their teenage clients. Yes, some of the medications can work wonders when it comes to clearing up skin that’s prone to acne, but some of the medications take a toll on teenage psyche and have been connected to several teenage suicides. It’s far better to stick to a dermatologist who will stick to traditional types of skin care.

The best dermatologist know better than to promise any teenage client instant results. Acne, particularly teenage acne, can be an ongoing problem that can be very difficult to clear up. You want your child to have realistic expectations.

It’s very important to make sure the doctor has a great bedside manner, especially when dealing with young adults. Teens know all about the state of their skin and already spend a great deal of time obsessing about it, and worrying about what others think about their acne. It’s a sensitive subject. It’s important that they work with a doctor who doesn’t make them feel like the acne is something they should have more control over, or that it’s something they need to learn to live with. Teens do best when they have a doctor who struggled with acne during their teenage years, and who is engaging, patient, and respectful. This doctor will be the best dermatologist for your teenager.

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