Trade Show Entertainment Can Increase Attention for your Company

The best way to maximize your company’s investment in exhibit space at a trade show is to draw attention away from your competitors. Trade show entertainment is one of the best ways to accomplish this. It doesn’t always matter how awesome your product or service is, you need something attention-getting to get visitors in front of you to convey your message which, in turn, can help qualify leads and generate sales.

Hire an Expert

Unless you are your company’s designated event manager and planner, hiring an expert is important so you can concentrate on your actual job. Your company needs creative methods to attract and engage visitors at trade shows and exhibitions. Depending on the venue and type of guests you want to attract, anything from staging and lighting to more technological marvels like virtual reality games and walls could be used.

The event planning and management company you hire will work with you and your company closely to determine the overall image you want to project, the type of clientele you want to attract and how to accomplish everything based on your budget. An engaging activity that will be memorable is important.

Types of Trade Show Entertainment to Consider

The key to a successful trade show is choosing entertainment that not only appeals to the attendees but also complements your company’s overall sales message and allows your employees to engage attendees and showcase your products and services. Often times, hands-on activities or direct interaction is important to establish a rapport as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

Virtual experiences can be fun such as shooting, flying or skiing. Simulated sports like golf, race cars or baseball are additional options. Green screen photography where guests are superimposed over various backgrounds can be quite engaging. Trade show entertainment could also encompass talent as well such as musicians, caricature artists, massage therapists, celebrity lookalikes and even magicians.

With the help of the event planner and manager, you can make the right decisions for your company’s trade show entertainment. These decisions include how to best integrate your company’s sales message and image into the entertainment choices made to get the best return on your investment with your trade show appearance. If the attendees enjoy the entertainment and what your company has to offer, they will remember the experience, especially the key points of your product or service’s characteristics. This often translates into more leads and increased sales.



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