Helpful Storage Tips Save Time, Space, and Money

Sooner or later we all get to the point where our possessions begin to pile up and threaten to squeeze us out of our homes. We may lose the use of a garage, the basement, or a guest room just for the sake of storing our excess belongings. That’s the time when we can make good use of a self-storage unit. It may take some work, but moving things into storage is a good excuse to go through all that we’ve accumulated and decide its disposition. Just follow some basic Helpful Storage Tips and you can begin to reclaim that space in your home.

Going through all of the boxes and other containers starts with the sorting process. Separating out those things we want to keep in the house, items we can store elsewhere, things to donate, things we can discard, and items we might make some money on in a yard sale is a good start. Ideally, the items to be stored should be separated into those that you won’t need regular access to, and those that you will, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothing or sporting gear. The latter should be stored close to the front of your storage unit for easy access.

Using similar-sized boxes for storage will help your stacks be more stable, and they should be adequately labeled on all sides, too. Stack the lighter boxes on the heavier ones and try to keep breakable items like glassware on top. If your storage unit is not climate-controlled, consider laying down a protective cover to fend off the cold and dampness. If you have access to wooden pallets, they make excellent bases for stacking boxes.

Anything you can do to make the best use of room will be an advantage. This includes storing sofas and love seats on end and using any furniture with drawers as extra storage. Any furniture that can be partially disassembled will help conserve space. Talking with the representatives at your storage company will help you make the best decision about how small a storage unit you can get away with, since there are so many sizes to choose from. They will probably have their own Helpful Storage Tips, too.

St. Anne’s Self Storage will be happy to work with you to find the right storage solution for you at a price you’ll like. Safe, clean, and secure, you’ll be impressed with their storage facility.

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