Top Three Types of Quality Mulch in Connecticut

Mulch is an inorganic organic material which is placed over the soil, mostly around shrubs, trees and other types of plants. Mulch helps the soil to retain moisture and protects tender roots from harsh weather conditions. A deep layer of mulch can prevent the growth of weeds by preventing them from getting sunlight needed for their growth. In addition, mulch helps to add nutrients to the soil after it has decomposed and also prevents soil erosion. To choose quality mulch in Connecticut, it is important you first understand the different types of mulching materials available. The following are some of the most common types of mulching materials in the market today.

Wood Chips

This is one of the most popular types of mulching material. It is made up of varying sizes of bark and wood. Most wood chips are from trees which have been removed or pruned. Wood chip mulch is a perfect option to recycle unwanted tree wastes. It is mostly used to mulch large areas because it is inexpensive. Since it does not wash away easily, wood chip mulch can also help the soil to retain moisture.

Pine Straw Mulch

Pine straw is also known as pine needles. Just like wood chips, pine straw is inexpensive and helps the soil to conserve moisture. Sine pine straw decomposes slowly it can last for longer than other types of mulching materials. It does not wash away easily and it properly adheres to sloped or hilly areas.

Pine Bark Nuggets

This type of mulching material is usually red in color. Pine bark nuggets can give any site beautiful appearance. Because they are large, they decompose slowly and are therefore a good soil insulator. Although they are more expensive than pine straw, they do not compact like other mulching material.

These are just some of the most popular types of mulching materials. In order to choose quality mulch in Connecticut that matches your needs, it is imperative you consult a mulch expert. For more information about the various types of mulch, and how you can get the best mulch material for your needs, visit the website.

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