What to Know About Custom Displays

There are a lot of trade show exhibits that have unique, custom features, made out of something called stock exhibit material. Displays with this kind of material are usually designed with several options that can be configured or altered. Some examples of those options include monitor mounts, book holders, lighting, table systems and kiosks. Most of the time, these pieces can be placed pretty much anywhere on a display. It always makes your business stand out if your display has been adjusted and modified specially for you business.

Features of Custom Displays

There are numerous features available for custom exhibits. This includes amazing graphics that uniquely portray an image of your business. Graphics used in displays include vinyl, paper, PVC, lamination and color-saturated graphics. One of the most popular features is the full mural graphics panels that are custom-made from a business’s design. Velcro receptive backing is also a feature that allows businesses to display their unique artwork at trade shows in a convenient way.

The Expense of Custom Displays

Many participants in trade shows have very peculiar preferences. A lot of participants’ needs can only be satisfied by having a unique display that no one else has. Custom displays typically cost much more than stocked exhibits because they take longer to manufacture. It can be slightly more difficult for manufacturers to fulfill needs that are so specific. Custom displays also have a lot more girth. A larger density means that they are more expensive to ship and store. Still, a custom made display that’s designed properly will always impress everyone at a trade show. It allows the theme of your exhibit to stand out even more.

Planning for Custom Displays

Another important thing to note about custom exhibits is that they usually have a longer turnaround time. Take a pop-up display for example – it usually turns around in a few days. A custom display, on the other hand, tends to take weeks to turn around. There are even times where it can take months for the display to arrive at the trade show or destination. This is why it’s crucial to plan up to a month in advance if you insist on using a custom-made exhibit at a convention or trade show.

Generally speaking, custom-made displays should be utilized by people with experience. If you don’t have a proper knowledge of trade shows, things may not pan out very well. This particular type of display is going to need more care, time and staff members to make sure that the exhibit is set up and taken down without any problems. Even though it may cost you more hassle sometimes, it’s well worth all of the setbacks. The investment can maybe even bring you more clients than you can handle.

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