Tips for Raccoon Removal in Plano, TX

Raccoons are cute little creatures with their little black masks, and distinct ringtails. They are very common in the United States and can become quite a problem if you aren’t careful. They are nocturnal quiet creatures, unless they feel threatened then they can be aggressive and dangerous. You never want to try and capture a raccoon on your own, because a bite or scratch from their claws can land you in the hospital in serious condition. Raccoons have been known to carry rabies, roundworm, and parvovirus. Raccoons also carry parasites that can make you sick. It is best to call Critter Control for any of your raccoon removal in Plano, TX needs.

Raccoons usually live in dens, trees, or logs during the day, but venture forth at night and will invade trash cans, homes, garages, and anywhere else that they think they can find food for them and their young. You will usually not see the raccoon that has invaded your property, unless you are a nocturnal person yourself, so the only way to find out if you have a raccoon problem is by looking for tracks in your yard, especially around your garbage cans, and animal’s food bowls.

Raccoons usually enter homes because they need shelter or protection, and usually tear something up on the way in. The most damage by raccoons is due to urinating in the spot that they have invaded and damaging things that have food in them that they are trying to reach.

Raccoon invasions aren’t to be taken lightly as they can become quite violent if they feel that you are threatening their babies. You do not need to try to catch a raccoon and remove them from your home yourself, you need to call in someone who knows about raccoon removal in Plano, TX. If you are bit by a raccoon in an attempt to remove it from your home, you will need to see a medical professional right away for treatment. Although raccoons are cute and furry creatures, they are not to play with and can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

raccoon removal in Plano, TX

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