Routine Maintainence and Repair for Your Furnace’s Efficiency and Safety

The time to get your furnace maintained and repaired is before you need it to keep your family warm and safe. Furnaces and other heating units are one of the top causes of home fires year after year. Keeping your HVAC system maintained on an annual or semi-annual basis to inspect the thermostat and duct system, the fans, condenser, and electrical or gas connections are important for your home safety. Your well maintained equipment will run at top efficiency for its age and help to keep your energy bill low. Call your local HVAC technicians for Furnace Repair in Wichita, KS. Your local experts will be knowledgeable with the equipment used in your community, the life expectancy of the equipment, and be up to date on all the manufacturer notifications, recalls, and recommendations for repair and replacement parts.

Cooler seasons are coming and your need to turn on your furnace is right around the corner if you are not running it already. Before you are stuck with an emergency call because icicles are building up on your windows and your family is wrapped up in every blanket in the house, make an appointment for Furnace Repair in Wichita, KS professionals to perform routine maintenance now. Welch’s Heating and Air Conditioning technicians maintain your equipment, replacing parts that are not receiving the correct voltage, and ensuring that all air passages and vents are not leaking or filled with dust or other debris keeping your home warm and furnace working properly. Use a local company that has been servicing HVAC units in your area. Your local HVAC professionals may offer a regular maintenance contract to help with your repair costs or they have specialty rates for regular maintenance or tune-up services specific to furnaces.

The cost of maintaining your unit to perform at peak operation is much less than the cost of wasted energy and heat, the damage from a fire, or the cost of a new unit due to poor maintenance and abnormal wear and tear because of faulty parts. Your knowledgeable technician will be able to explain all your components and their current efficiency and offer choices and recommendations for upkeep and repair.


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