Tips On Getting Into A Locked Car From An Automotive Locksmith In Jacksonville FL

Almost everyone has locked their keys in the car at least once, and some people are prone to this problem. The following are a few tips for dealing with this situation from an Automotive Locksmith in Jacksonville FL.

Keep A Spare

The simplest solution to locking a key inside a car is to have a spare on hand. Some people hide their spare key on the body of the car in a little magnetic box, but that can be a risk because car thieves will look for hidden keys. A magnetic key box should be very carefully hidden and hard to reach. A better solution is to carry a spare key in a wallet or purse.

Enter Through The Trunk

If the keys are locked in the car while the trunk is still open, it should be possible to crawl in through the trunk, push down the back seats, and access the keys. Some people hide a spare key in the trunk of the car for just this situation.

Use A Wedge And Rod

Without a spare key, the next best approach is to try to break into the car by using a metal rod and a wedge. First, a wooden wedge should be inserted into the space between the driver’s side window and the rear of the door. If the wedge is pushed or hammered in as far as possible, it will create enough space to insert a metal rod, like a straightened coat hanger. The rod can then be used to push the button that unlocks the door.

Call The Dealer

A dealer will often be able to provide a temporary set of keys that will unlock the doors and allow the driver to access the ignition key. Drivers will need to supply proof that they own the car to get this service.

Call A Locksmith

If these methods don’t work, the next step is to call a professional locksmith. A locksmith will need to know some information about the car to make a new key, including the key’s unique code number, if possible, and the vehicle’s make, model, and VIN. To speak with an Automotive Locksmith in Jacksonville FL, contact Link’s Locksmith Services in Jacksonville FL.

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