Tips for Selecting Qualified Security Officers

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Security

Merely hiring a security officer does not guarantee the protection of your life and property. In order to be truly secure, you need to hire security officers Dayton that are qualified and meet certain criteria. In this article, you will learn all the qualities that a competent security guard should have.

Contact Local Police
You can contact local police or any other law enforcement agency to look for off-duty officers. Not only will these men be competent and trustworthy, but they will also have the experience of dealing with different kinds of people.

Contact Large Security Companies
There are several security companies in Dayton, but should preferably stick to the larger ones. These firms, for the most part will not only be reputable but they would only employ officers who are apt for the job. In addition, established companies will also run background checks on their officers to ensure reliability.

Never sign any contract unless you have full assurance that the people you are hiring have no criminal record. If the company is ambiguous about the background checks on its employees, you should ignore it altogether.

Be Clear About your Demands
If you determine some rules in advance, you will be able to avoid any future inconvenience. Clearly express your expectations to the security agency so that they will be able to screen out security officers that you will feel comfortable with.

Place All Responsibility on the Agency
Make sure that the contract specifies that the company providing the security officers is responsible for any carelessness on the part of the guards. This should also cover vehicles driven by the guards.

Read Contract Carefully
You may require urgent security, but never rush to put down your signature unless you are fully aware of a company’s terms and conditions. Never miss out the fine print in any document. If you do this, the company cannot deny responsibility for any mishap.

You Are Not to Provide Security Materials
Make sure that the security agency doesn’t force you into paying for materials like uniforms, flashlights, communication devices etc. All these things should be clearly noted down in the contract.

So stay safe and use these tips to hire reliable security officers Dayton.


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