Tips For Selecting A Cosmetology School

Making the decision to further your career by attending cosmetology programs is an important professional step. Choosing the right hairdressing school that offers a full range of training for hair, skin, nails, and esthetics, as well as teaching students how to manage their own cosmetology business starts with understanding the basics.

Not all programs and beauty colleges offer the same training, the real-world experiences and the professional knowledge required to be successful in this highly competitive field. An example of a top school to attend is Vogue Beauty College & Salon. This program offers cutting-edge training and experience and is located in Idaho.

Scope of Training Offered

A first consideration in selecting cosmetology programs is to take the time to compare the offerings at different schools. While it may be convenient to attend a hairdressing school close to home, if they do not provide the level of trained instructors and practical experience, they are not training you for what you need in the future.

In Idaho, as in other states, these are privately owned. What one business may call a full-service beauty college may not be all the training offered at other schools. A short amount of time comparing programs online provides the basics.

Professional Training

The top training programs also focus in on a full range of hair, makeup, skin, nails and core salon skills. This is a well-rounded training program, which helps those new to the field of cosmetology to get more than the basic training in all areas.

There are also some training programs throughout Idaho that offer specialized programs. These programs are typically shorter in duration, and they offer specific skills to allow cosmetologists to specialize in one area, or to become student instructors.  These programs, as with the general cosmetology program, should be designed to allow students to pass the state board exam and to have their license upon completion.

At Vogue Beauty College & Salon, we offer students a full range of cosmetology programs designed to be affordable for students. To find out more, see us online at

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