Tips for Saving Money on Air Tickets

Whether you travel for pleasure or business, you will want to save money on those tickets. In a lot of cases, the amount of money used on travel is the highest cost of the trip, so saving a little money here and there can help you tremendously. It may even make it possible to take more trips throughout the year, if you can save enough on air tickets.

Shoulder Seasons

The best time to travel is actually the time between high and low seasons. This is sometimes difficult to pinpoint, however, because any season has the potential to be the shoulder season. For example, Europe’s high season is from May to September, but the Caribbean high season is April through May. A good idea is to think about the type of place you are traveling to and what they have to offer and when.

Remember that there could be a few drawbacks of traveling in the off-season; most hotels tend to do renovations during that time and museums may close or have fewer open hours.

Choose Your Day Carefully

Most airlines release their air sales in the middle of the week, making Tuesday and Wednesday the best day to grab those special deals. However, there is no rule saying airlines have to use this method, so you may want to watch your favorite airline periodically to see when they tend to drop prices.

That being said, booking a flight is the first step. You will also want to pick the best day to travel. Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Saturdays are usually the best days to actually board an airplane because these are usually the cheapest times.

Pay Attention to Fees

Every airline has fees that come with their services; this is normal business practice. However, it is important to understand those fees so you can find out what you will be charged on top of the ticket price. For example, if you must check more than one bag, you will probably be charged some sort of fee; some airlines are even charging a fee for one checked bag. Other fees can include overweight bags, pets on the flight, meals, and added legroom.


Being flexible on travel days and times can save your money; play around with different dates on the airline’s website to find out which days are cheapest to fly. Always try and use an airline website, as you may get extra perks by purchasing through them.

If traveling is in your future, you may want to consider saving money because air tickets can be expensive. Consider Jet Konnect for Air Tickets for your next airplane ride.

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