Monitor the State of Your Vehicle Using Quality Automotive Gauges in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state with immense vistas and long roads. This makes it a wonderful place for sight seeing or simple, relaxing drives. It can also make it a tough place for automobiles when you make those drives during the heat of the day. This is why automotive gauges in Arizona are so very important. These simple little tools can give the driver all sorts of valuable information about the state of their vehicle and whether it is being pushed too hard or if they might be able to squeeze a little more power out of it.

There are several very useful gauges that you may desire for your vehicle, especially if the only warning system you currently have is the idiot lights on the dashboard. For instance, a temperature gauge is an important indicator of how hard the engine is being pushed. An overheated engine is just one step away from blowing a head gasket, cracking the cylinder head or even breaking the engine block. Knowing the engine’s regular temperature makes it easy to spot a problem before things get out of hand.

Other useful automotive gauges in Arizona include the tachometer, alternator gauge and the vehicle’s speedometer. Each of these gauges provide the driver with some useful information regarding the car’s current condition. For example, the tachometer displays the RPM (revolutions per minute) at any given moment. This information is crucial because over revving the engine can cause critical damage and red-lining a motor is a sure way to blow it. In many cases the blown engine is completely ruined and only useful as scrap metal.

The alternator charging gauge can also be an important tool. Many things on or in your car rely on an electrical current. The engine’s starter and ignition system need power to crank the car and fire the spark plugs. The initial power is provided by a twelve volt battery, but the sustained electrical current is supplied by the alternator which is powered by the engine. If the alternator is going bad or if it has already failed you will see the system discharge on the alternator gauge. This is a definite indication of a serious problem that must be fixed now. If you are looking for new or replacement automotive gauges you might want to take a few minutes and visit Dick’s Speed-O-Tach


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