Tips For Preventing Oil Tank Spills in New York City NY

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Business

A leaking oil tank can be a severe fire and environmental threat. It does not matter whether this tank is inside or outside the home, oil spills are known to contaminate groundwater. This means that all private wells and other supplies of drinking water in the vicinity will be affected. These are among the many reasons why residents should work hard to prevent Oil Tank Spills in New York City NY.

Heating oil tanks are at more risk of leaking during winter. The cold snaps usually affect the plastic material used to make your tank by changing its composition. As a result, you end up with a disastrous tank split and/or oil spill. This is more predominant if you have an old tank or one with a single skin.

Out of the foregoing, prevent oil leakage by using a double-walled fuel tank. It is simply a tank with double skin or a tank within another tank. It means the exterior layer of the tank can take more liquid volume than the inner one by about 110%. Therefore, in case the inner tank splits, the outer one will still act as your fuel tank. Besides protecting the valued heating fuel, it will also avert a dangerous oil spill.

Remember to buy the wall warning alarm with your double-walled tank. You need to know when the inner wall of your tank is leaking. This wall detector placed between the two tanks ensures that homeowners get an early warning that their tank is almost leaking. They therefore prepare for a solution in a timely and convenient manner before they lose their oil and cause pollution.

It is also important to know your oil tank properly. Such knowledge comes in handy when you need fast and accurate information about the tank, probably in a bid to prevent oil spillage. Have all your tank manufacturer details in one place. The most crucial information includes their telephone number, the name of the tank, its capacity, age, warranty details including any instructions regarding its maintenance.

If one cup of fuel can contaminate water the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, it means Oil Tank Spills in New York City NY should be prevented at all costs.

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