Cut Energy Bills With New Windows in Tucson

The actual amount of energy lost through leaky windows is hard to pin down, as there are too many variables involved. Older homes, constructed using wood framed single pane windows, for example, often allow significant drafts to enter homes during winter weather. Even newer homes with lower quality windows often lead to utility bills that are much higher than necessary. New Windows in Tucson, when properly installed by a reliable contractor, can reduce cooling costs during the region’s hot summers as well as keep warm air from escaping during cooler months.

As energy costs continue to rise, top window manufacturers like Milgard, Weather Shield and Jeld Wen respond with products to help homeowners reduce energy consumption while, at the same time, enjoy greater comfort in their homes. Those companies, along with other well-known manufacturers, continue to improve their products to meet the needs of today’s homeowners. Not only are modern windows tighter, they also feature Low-E glass and multi-pane designs to reduce heat transfer. When combined with energy efficient heating and cooling units, home and business owners can realize significant savings in heating and cooling expenses.

Of course, windows must be properly installed to maximize savings. Contractors need to follow all proper guidelines when installing New Windows in Tucson. That means sealants and flashing materials should all be properly applied. While professionals generally understand the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions during installation, some continue to cut corners, limiting the effectiveness of even the best energy saving windows. Ask contractors to explain their installation procedures before signing any agreements to verify their willingness to follow proper procedures.

New glass doors also provide an opportunity for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption. Modern glass patio doors are far more efficient than doors sold in the past. Given their size, the potential for heat transfer through patio doors is even higher than with windows. Discuss the options for replacement patio doors with a professional to see if updating would make sense for your home.

For any home with inefficient, drafty windows, updating those windows will result in savings that start with the first utility bill. Consult a contractor or a window provider like Window Depot for the most efficient window options available. Draft-free, energy efficient windows also add to property values, making them a great investment for Tucson area homeowners. Click Here for additional information, and start saving money now.

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