Tips For Choosing Sewing Contractors

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Custom Products

Having the right equipment for the job is important, but so is having the right type of case and protective coverings for the equipment. There may be other applications for custom sewn products as well, including pouch assemblies, carrying cases and other types of specialty products.

When selecting a manufacturer for these types of items, look for sewing contractors with the ability to complete all components of the order. This could include the use of specialized types of fabrics such as flame resistant materials or fabrics that are compliant with specific regulations such as RoHS, Mil-Spec, REACH or Berry Amendment.


Before getting started on your search for sewing contractors, make a list of the features or requirements for the item or items you want to be produced. List any specialized fabrics, and additional features and all essential elements that have to be included in the job.

This is an important starting point. Not having a good idea of what is required can lead to inaccurate quotes for the job and more of a challenge in comparing different companies.

Production Capacity and Capabilities

For many types of sewn products, the need for other components to the sewn item will be important to consider. For example, is there the need for a molded part to securely hold sensitive equipment? Does the bag, pouch or case need to have storage trays, metal inserts or hard sides to create a more durable case?

When looking at these factors, choose sewing contractors that can manufacture and assemble the final product in-house. This ensures quality control while also helping to reduce the cost of production.

The capacity of the shop is also a critical consideration. If you just need a few items produced, most shops will be able to complete the work on time. However, if you need moderate to large volume or ongoing supplies, as would be the case with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) a large capacity and capability shop will be an essential choice.

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