When Is Radio Frequency (RF) Sealing Beneficial?

by | May 23, 2019 | Custom Products

There are many applications in which a tight, highly durable seal is necessary. When it is essential that you have a very strong seal like this, not all applications will work. Radio frequency (RF) sealing can be a solution in this situation. It is a method of sealing that creates one of the best possible bonds possible, fusing two materials together with a nearly impossible to break bond. When does this type of application make sense for your project? There are numerous instances.

What Can This Do for You?

There are many instances in which radio frequency (RF) sealing service can work well. However, it is very important to consider what it can do. During this process, the sealing process involves the use of high-frequency radio waves. As the process occurs, it creates a very tight seal. That seal is airtight as well as water and vapor tight. The seal itself is stronger than the two components of material were before they were sealed to each other.

Where You Can Use It

There are various ways in which this type of sealing can work well. It can be an applicable option for the medical field, creating highly durable medical equipment that does not rip or tear. It also works well in fire and safety equipment and products when a durable and resistant bond is necessary. It can also be used in industrial applications, government products, and defense products. It also means many types of compliance requirements.

As you take into consideration all of the options available to your business and product development, recognize the value radio frequency (RF) sealing has to offer. Used properly by those in the industry with the resources and tools, it can become the go-to solution you need in operating your business and building your products.

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