Tips from Auto Glass Chicago Experts on How to Take Care of Car Windows

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Automotive

When many people think about maintaining a car, they rarely think carefully about the car windows as an important part of the process. However, these misconceptions lead to huge losses in money for car owners. To avoid this, follow these window care tips from experts in auto glass in Chicago.

Not all car glass surfaces are made of the same type of glass

Not many people seem to realize that there is a difference between the type of glass that is used in making the windows and that which is used in making the windshield and the rear window of the car. The difference in material means that the care procedures should be totally different. The windshield is normally made of laminated glass while the rest of the windows are made of toughened glass. The laminated glass includes a layer of PVB material. It is the reason why the car gets a spider web like appearance when the windshield is hit, as opposed to shattering into pieces.

Cleaning your car windows

There are lots of differing opinions when it comes to the cleaning material that should be used in taking care of the car windows. However, the general consensus is that ammonia based products should be avoided. This is because they are incompatible with tinted windows, and they have a very harmful effect on vinyl surfaces. When looking for products to clean your windows, choose those that have a clear indication that they are safe to use on window tint film.

Cleaning the windshield

As mentioned, the windshield is made of a different material from the other car surfaces. While the cleaning process will require you to use the same products as the other glass surfaces, you will need to use a glass polish to remove water spots or mineral deposits that occur after the cleaning process.

Those are a few car window care tips that the best experts auto glass in Chicago can offer you. For more on how to care for your car windows and professional help on the problems you can’t handle, go to You will get all the auto glass assistance you need.

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