Bolingbrook IL Roofers Share their Expertise

The roof is an important part of your home; it’s responsible for keeping out the elements, insulating your home, and adding to its overall curb appeal. We don’t think about our roofs very much since they last so long… after all, a good quality, well-installed roof will last a home around 20 years, so unless there are problems, it just doesn’t cross our minds. The bad thing is that multiple factors can work to decrease that average life span. Heat, cold, heavy rains or snows, high winds, hail, falling tree limbs and even animals can take their toll on a roof. If we don’t keep a watchful eye on the condition of a roof, we can pay for it later on. Even a small leak, unnoticed, can damage your roof’s sheathing, weaken beams in your attic, and render your insulation useless, before announcing its presence with an ever-growing stain on your ceiling. Regular, professional inspections by Bollingbrook IL roofers can prevent that kind of damage or at least limit its scope.

The seriousness of the issues noted during an inspection will determine how extensive the work on your roof will be. For minor problems like a few broken or missing shingles, repairs will be quick and relatively inexpensive. More severe damage, from storms or falling tree branches may call for a re-roof, where a new roof is actually installed over your existing roofing material. This is only an option under certain circumstances, but it can be a very cost-effective way for Bollingbrook IL roofers to restore the integrity of your roof. The worst-case scenario is catastrophic roof failure caused by high winds and debris from a heavy storm or tornado. This sort of damage requires a complete tear-off of your old roof and installation of all-new roofing.

Whatever degree of damage your roof has suffered, the experts at Showalter Roofing can use their years of experience to make it right again. They will work with you on the selection of materials and will explain, in simple terms, what needs to be done and how they will accomplish it. They’ve been constructing and repairing residential and commercial roofs since 1979 and can put that expertise to work for you. In addition to quality materials and outstanding workmanship, since they have worked hard to earn GAF Master Select status, they can also offer you extended warranty programs that are unavailable to other roofing contractors.