Throw Out Your Room Air Purifiers – Get Whole-House Air Cleaner Installations in Wichita, Kansas

Airborne allergens cause misery for many people, and a wide variety of solutions exist to deal with the problem. Most, however, only handle a small amount of allergen-contaminated air. This is fine if all of the allergens are localized to one room or situation, but a whole-house solution is needed when the problem affects the entire living space.


When pollen or dust make it so the entire house causes your eyes to water, it’s time to look at Air Cleaner Installations in Wichita Kansas. Unlike small air purifiers, installed air cleaners eliminate dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens from the entire home. Air cleaners made by Trane are engineered to allow for maximum airflow while removing particles as small as .1 microns. Ozone buildup is no problem with these cleaners, either. They leave indoor air much cleaner than it otherwise would be without adding anything to it. Since these air cleaners work independently of your furnace or air conditioner, they continue to remove allergens even when the temperature is already perfect.

An air cleaner is the big gun of allergen removal, but there are a few other things you should still do even after getting Air Cleaner Installations in Wichita Kansas. One good practice is to add a HEPA filter to your vacuum. This will keep you from blowing dust around when you clean. You should also add HEPA filters to your furnace and air conditioner so that particles aren’t distributed through your house to begin with. Finally, be sure to keep your doors and windows closed. Even the best air purification systems won’t do much if you allow pollen and mold to come in unhindered through giant openings.

One thing you won’t need to fuss with is a single-room air purifier. With a whole-house air cleaner from Kelley and Dawson Service or a similar provider, room-level purification will no longer be needed. Once a whole-house system is in place, all you’ll need to do to keep it running well is wash the filter every three to nine months. This’ll keep it from getting clogged and ensure that it is able to do its job at peak efficiency.

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