Family Law Attorneys: Advice & Support for Child Custody Cases

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce and have found yourself in the middle of custody battle, or you’re being denied your parental rights, it’s important to consult a family law attorney for advice. Like most cases that fall under family law, child custody matters are often problematic and emotionally charged. An experienced lawyer will help you work toward a desirable outcome, while protecting your rights as a parent and keeping the best interests of your child/children in mind.

Child’s Best Interest
Like most states, Idaho courts pay close attention to the “best interests of the child” when resolving custody-related legal issues. To determine what’s best for a child in a custody case, the courts take a number of factors into account. Generally, the courts choose the parent that can provide a stable, safe environment for the child, based on their mental health, lifestyle, and income. Additionally, a parent’s ability to provide access to daily necessities, medical care, education, and sense of community is also evaluated. If the child is over a certain age, typically 12, the courts will also consider their personal preference.

Types of Child Custody
Legal, physical, joint, and sole custody are the four types of child custody courts award to parents or legal guardians. The type of custody awarded depends on the circumstances of the case, and the ability of one or both parents to provide a suitable environment for the child involved. For example, if the parents live near one another, the courts may award joint physical custody. Or, if it’s apparent that one parent is incapable of shouldering the responsibilities of physical or legal custody, sole custody may be awarded to the other parent.

Intelligent Legal Backing
Immediately consulting a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is usually beneficial to the parties involved in child custody. Idaho professionals understand that custody matters are especially delicate, both for parents and children. In most instances, legal counsel is necessary for individuals looking to form a new agreement or enforce an existing one. Whether you’re being denied visitation rights, wish to create a custody agreement, or have questions about grandparents’ rights, a trained attorney will provide the answers and guidance you need.

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