Three Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums in Illinois

If you don’t have auto insurance coverage in Illinois, you’ll likely get a citation and go to the court where you have to pay court fees and the citation. Cost should not be a deterrent to forgoing auto insurance, because you can save money on premiums in many ways.

Buy What You Need

Most states only require liability to cover the other driver, while some coverages are optional, such as comprehensive or collision. Comprehensive insurance covers non-driving damage, such as theft or tree limbs, and collision pays for your vehicle repairs from accidents.

If you aren’t sure how much insurance you need, consider the age of the vehicle. The cost to repair vehicles more than 10 years old commonly costs more than the vehicle’s value.

Drive Safely

Traffic infractions could cause insurance companies to raise your premiums. Stats show that even one citation can raise your premiums by 82%. It increases depending on the type of traffic citation you received, and you won’t likely notice until it comes time to renew. Practice safe driving habits and obey the speed limits to reduce the chances of getting a citation.

Consider the Type of Vehicle

Sports vehicles typically cost more to insure because of the driving risks associated with them. Stats show sports cars are more likely to be involved in accidents since they travel at higher speeds. The parts tend to cost more to replace, especially if the provider has to special order parts. Each provider has its own criteria of what defines a sports vehicle, but a basic definition includes a smaller vehicle with eight cylinders.

Don’t risk driving without auto insurance coverage in Illinois. If you don’t have auto insurance or looking to switch providers, visit the website of Accurate Auto Insurance to search providers in your area.

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