Striving to Make Painting Fun With High-Quality Supplies in the USA

Art is such an important part of the world. Art comes in many different forms, but one form that is timeless is painting. With each stroke of the brush, a new expression and vision are coming to life. But not everyone can paint, right? Wrong! Art is just like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Anyone can paint. We believe painting has a place where anyone can be themselves and also learn more about themselves. Instead of doubting the skill of the new painter, we encourage our painters to stop focusing on the small details and to implement a loose painting style. This allows the artist to paint with confidence. We strive to make painting so much fun, and we believe anyone can master our techniques.

With a mission to encourage more kids to explore painting, we offer step-by-step workshops and video tutorials for painters of all ages and abilities. Our products include an acrylic paint kit that is a 16-piece set. This also includes a painting guide. Our kids’ art set is a 30-piece complete acrylic paint kit. We offer personalized sketchbooks for kids and personalized kiss cut stickers. The apparel includes shirts and hats with our logo on them, so you can be sporting your favorite paint shop, along with your very own personalized apron to keep that messy paint off of your clothes.

At PAINTloose, we strive to make the art process easier by providing tutorials and quality paint supplies. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate artist, visit PAINTloose at

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