Three Steps to Take When Your Child Needs Physical Therapy in Goodyear, AZ

If your child’s doctor has referred them to physical therapy, you probably have lots of questions and concerns. However, physical therapy shouldn’t be scary. Children go to physical therapy for lots of reasons, including injury or illness rehabilitation and overcoming developmental delays. Here are three steps you can take if your child needs physical therapy.

Find a Kid-friendly Therapist

Not all physical therapy practices accommodate children, so look for a practice that specializes in pediatric physical therapy in Goodyear, AZ. A pediatric therapy practice will have equipment designed for smaller bodies, offer services that focus on children’s needs, and utilize child-focused tools like play therapy.

Meet the Provider

Ask to schedule a meet-and-greet appointment where your child can get to know the practice and therapist in a low-stress environment before beginning pediatric physical therapy in Goodyear, AZ. Children are often afraid of things that are unfamiliar, so getting acquainted with the therapy office beforehand is an effective way to calm their nerves and help them get more out of their first session.

Practice at Home

Another way to reduce your child’s anxiety about going to physical therapy is to practice at home through pretend play. Set up play equipment at home so your child can go through the motions of therapy while having fun. Take turns playing therapist and patient with your child, and get their favorite dolls, action figures, and stuffed toys involved as additional patients.

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