The Value Of An Akashic Record Reading

One of the most powerful ways to develop an understanding of yourself and your place in the Universe is through an Akashic record reading. This is an insightful process that is facilitated by an experienced practitioner to help you to tune into the unique message Universe provides to everyone.

Most people have experienced a flash of insight or a strong feeling of why or how they should do something in their life that is outside of their conscious thought process. This information is part of the Akashic record or the specific record of your soul. The word Akashic comes from two words, Aka or storage, and SA, which is secret. In a simple translation, the Akashic record is a storage of the secret of your journey through this life, as well as through past and future lives. The Akashic records are a conscious dimension wherein every thought, feelings or actions are recorded. The Records can give us access to the thoughts, feelings and actions of all people associated with any event to develop a multi-dimensional awareness of past, present or future possibilities.

The Reading Process

Each person has their own Teachers, Masters, and Beings of Light that hold or embody this information. Through an Akashic record reading, the practitioner is able to tap into the information provided by the Masters and Teachers, giving the individual insight into their purpose in this life. A practitioner taps into the vibrational match of the Akashic Records, often a record keeper or ascended master can provide assistance in accessing the information that a practitioner seeks.

The results of an Akashic record reading are profound. It is possible to overcome obstacles in life, to heal and eliminate emotional pain, and to get answers to specific questions you have about your life or other’s life. Working with a teacher helps to access the Akashic record of your life, but it can also be done through mediation, prayer, and the ability to listen closely to your intuition.

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