Three Compelling Reasons to Look into Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Westchester County, NY

It’s surprising how many residents neglect to provide adequate care for their area rugs, especially given the prevalence of oriental carpets in New York and their initial cost. Many rug owners seem to believe that simply vacuuming their rugs periodically will be enough to keep them in good shape; unfortunately, though, this simply isn’t true. Read on to find out about a few reasons that it is essential to take oriental carpets and other rugs to a professional periodically for Area Rug Cleaning in Westchester County NY.

Health and Hygiene

Rugs tend to collect dust, dirt particles, and germs, and not all of these particles can be removed by vacuuming alone. Those who suffer from allergies often find that the presence of dirty area rugs triggers allergic reactions due to the mold spores and allergens that collect within them, and even otherwise healthy residents and guests may find that they get sick more often if their rugs are dirty, as rugs can also trap and spread bacteria and viruses. Taking an area rug in for a professional cleaning can reduce symptoms of asthma and other respiratory concerns.

Restore Life to Old Rugs

A professional cleaning can substantially enhance the appearance of even an old area rug. Professional rug cleaners can usually remove even stubborn stains and spills. Plus, just removing all of that dirt can go a long way toward brightening the rug’s colors and restoring it to its former beauty. Taking an area rug in for cleaning is significantly less expensive than purchasing a new high-quality oriental rug, so there’s no reason to just throw old, faded looking rugs away before seeing what kinds of results can be produced by a thorough Area Rug Cleaning in Westchester County NY.

Extend the Life of the Rug

Rugs that are filled with sand, dirt, and grit tend to wear more quickly than those that are kept clean. This is because these unwanted materials get ground into the rug’s fibers when people tread on them, causing discoloration and damage and dramatically decreasing its expected lifespan. Contact Golden Horn for additional information about rug cleaning and repair services or get an estimate today to get started.

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