An Expert in Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City Offers Tips to Protect Valuable Rugs

There are very few accents in a room that will offer the warmth and feeling of luxury of an antique oriental rug. However, the intricate weaves and delicate fibers make them especially vulnerable to damage. A company that offers expert Oriental rug restoration in New York City offers some tips for helping a homeowner avoid damaging their valuable rugs in the first place.

Rug Placement

Where the rug is placed in a home has a major impact on preserving its colors, which fade and lighten when exposed to the direct sunlight. Be especially cautious with antique rugs that may contain natural dyes, which are easily destroyed. If possible, don’t place them in direct sunlight.

Rotate Seasonally

At the beginning of each season, rotate the rug. This will help to spread the wear and tear throughout the rug. This prevents too much obvious damage from taking place in one section of the rug. Just like anything, rugs will eventually show some wear; however, rotating it will make it even.

Rearrange Furniture

From time to time, rearrange the furniture on the rug to change the natural pathways through the room. This keeps fading from concentrating in one area. Doing so will also help eliminate impressions that are caused by heavy furniture legs. If possible, purchase some quality furniture cups to place under furniture. When moving heavy furniture, use sliders to prevent damage.

Good Vacuum

Use a high-quality vacuum machine and take the time to vacuum the rug regularly to keep dirt from getting packed down, but in cases where the rug is an antique, consider turning off the brushes on the cleaner.

Immediate Attention

If there is a spill on the rug, clean it up immediately. Simply blot the area with a damp cloth, then elevate it for quicker drying. Never use bleach or harsh cleaning chemicals on an antique rug. Also, avoid any type of home remedy. It is too risky, not knowing how the rug will respond. If necessary, for a deep stain or serious spill, see an expert for professional stain removal.

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