Things to Look for When Shopping for Foam Mattresses

If you are looking into getting memory foam mattresses, you may think it is just as easy as deciding you want a foam mattress instead of a metal coil mattress, and you will have a wonderful bed in your home in a matter of days. Not necessarily so. Although memory foam mattresses are some of the best available sleep systems you can buy, there are several kinds, designs, and brands available. You may have preferences you did not even know you had. But do not feel intimidated; finding the perfect mattress is going to be an enlightening and fun experience. When you do finally get that foam mattress in your home and lie down on it for the first time, you will know you did the right thing by researching a little.

First of all, just like with the traditional metal coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses have degrees of firmness. Most people will not be comfortable on the softest foam mattresses available and will need something a little firmer. Most manufacturers suggest that only firm and very firm foam be used for actual foam mattresses because the softer ones can dip with age. If you are over 200 pounds or if you sleep with a partner, you may find that very firm is the best choice for a good night’s sleep. It still will have those classic memory foam qualities you want in a bed, such as conforming to your body snugly and shock absorbing any movement.

The differences in firmness will not be what you would expect in a very firm metal coil mattress. Memory foam mattresses have two different measures, which are density and softness. Density relates directly with durability. It has very little to do with the texture or how comfortable a mattress will be or even how far it dips when you sit on it. The density is the quality of the product.

If you can keep track of densities while you shop around, it is a great short hand for what the better quality products are. You might be able to catch someone trying to pass off low density memory foam mattresses as high quality. However, it is important to note that any memory foam mattresses with a five pound density or higher are often reported to be uncomfortable to sleep on and much too sensitive to heat and cold, getting “gooey” in the summer and “stiff” in the winter. Foam mattresses with a density of five pounds or higher are out dated technology.

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