Things to Know About the Installation of Paver Patios in Waukesha WI

Paver patios in Waukesha WI provide an appealing alternative to the very common smooth concrete. The variations in color have an aesthetic appeal not found in typical concrete surfaces, making the area more eye-catching and interesting to look at. Pavers are available in different textures as well, including smooth with beveled edges.


Pavers work well in nearly any climate. In a place that sometimes experiences bitterly cold winters, the contractors have to dig deeper and add plenty of gravel or crushed stone. This prevents problems with moisture freezing in the ground just underneath. Freezing and thawing can force the pavers out of place. If this does happen to occur, the problem can be resolved come springtime.

Because of the need to dig out about 10 or 11 inches of dirt before paver placement, excavation equipment is needed, so people are not tackling the project by hand with shovels. Usually, about six inches of stone and an inch of sand is placed before the pavers, which typically are 3 inches from top to bottom.


Paver Patios in Waukesha WI should be sealed, but normally not for several months. A certain amount of weathering must take place first or the pavers will look hazy or dull after sealing. The contractor who installs the material can give specific advice on when this should be done and can complete the task if the property owners would rather have professional work done.

Diverting Rainwater

It’s important to make sure rainwater doesn’t cascade directly down onto the material. This can be accomplished with a roof drainage system including a gutter along this side of the house and a downspout that diverts water into the grass.

An Outside Living Space

This kind of surface, with its more decorative aspects, is especially suitable for an outside living space that essentially extends the home into the backyard during warm weather. An outdoor kitchen can be installed if desired, or the household residents can use a sliding patio door to allow easy access between a barbecue grill and the dining room. Eating outside regularly is also enjoyable, with comfortable patio furniture suitable for this purpose. Visit and start planning for that new backyard feature.

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