Getting The Best Quality Lead Blocks For Sale

When it comes to using lead for radiation shielding or for radiation containment, it is essential to ensure the lead purchased meets all standards and requirements as set forth by building codes in the industry.

There are some lead blocks for sale, particularly through online auctions and direct shipments from other countries, that may not meet these standards. Not only is this going to result in wasted time and money, but it could result in legal problems for construction and fabrication companies if the sub-standard lead is actually used in construction.

Issues to Consider

There are different options to consider in lead blocks for sale. Knowing what is needed given the type of radiation shielding or containment will be critical. The thickness of the blocks, the various shapes required to construct the cave or vault or to line the area have to be determined in advance of the order.

Ideally, buy all of the lead blocks from the same manufacturer. This is a much better option than buying through an online site that acts as a middleman. Through these types of sales, it is possible to get multiple manufacturers providing the blocks, which can lead to slight differences in design that make using the different blocks together, a challenge or an impossibility.

Most companies offer both flat or interlocking blocks. Flat block or bricks are good for temporary or permanent shielding, and they tend to come in a standard size of 2X4X8 inches.

Interlocking lead blocks for sale can be many different shapes and sizes. These are ideal for solid types of construction where the tongue and groove design holds the blocks in place.

Both flat and interlocking blocks or bricks can be left as uncoated, or they can be powder or epoxy coated. Both coating options help to reduce exposure to lead dust and residue, an important consideration in most applications.

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