The Various Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Many people will pursue writing their own book. After completing the manuscript, the time comes to publish it. When you begin looking into the various publishing options that are available, you will find plenty. Before any commitments are made to anyone about anything, the first and most important decision is: Will I self publish my book or not? When you decide to use self publishing printers you have made the choice to take complete control over your project. You will be responsible for all aspects, from production to marketing. Self publishing has a number of attributes to consider carefully.

The pros:

1. When you decide to self publish your work, you get immediate satisfaction and greater potential reward. In traditional publishing, the author is responsible for sending copies of the manuscript to many publishers. Eventually a publisher may agree to take on your book. Until then, you must get used to receiving rejections and demands for edits, modifications and re-writes to meet the publisher’s expectations. All of this eats up time –usually, a lot of time.

2. A traditional publisher wants a large print run. In the past if you really wanted to self publish you too had to suffer the expense of an equally large print run. In most cases the author had to commit to thousands of copies. This is no longer the case, today there are self publishing printers that offer POD, print on demand. If you are so inclined, you can order as few as one book. The cost of the finished book decreases with quantity, but at least you don’t have a garage full of books that may never sell. However, the quality of POD books is not very high.

Things to consider:

1. With self publishing you are going it alone. As the author and publisher you are in complete control. To get your book into the hands of many people, you have to be tireless and ready to see the project through to the end. If you cannot see yourself doing this, odds are your book will be doomed.

2. When an author uses a traditional publisher, he is given an editor to work with. The editor can help eliminate all the errors that can be made; poor grammar, too flowery in the writing style and superfluous words. With self publishing, the book may not be as well honed as it should to be effective in the market. Consider hiring a professional editor to tighten your book.

Self publishing is an ideal way for those authors who have a ready market, motivational speakers and experts with a following will find ready acceptance of their work.

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