Start Children Reading Early

The computer and the smart phone have improved our lives. However, many parents are concerned that their children are not taking to reading books. Everything children seem to need today, they can find online. The linguistic ability of many modern kids is on the decline. Today the standard is “text talk”— nothing to do with the proper use of words.

Reading is something that must be introduced to a child when they are very young. Some very good starter books are children’s board books. They are hard wearing and the child can read them over and over without much degradation. These hard board books are usually the first books that a child is introduced to. The subject matter is suitable for their age group, usually between one and three years old.

Children’s book printing tends to lean toward a classification structure that parents fully understand; infant, toddler and baby. Each age group is presented with different content. Board books focus on giving the child vivid colors and images which spark the imagination. As the child develops, the books introduce simple words to accompany the imagery. The images are presented in a number of ways which include little paintings, drawings and watercolors. Regardless of what the content is or how it is presented, children’s board books are designed to draw the child to books and reading, a skill and passion that lasts a lifetime.

Children’s book printing tends to lean towards smaller sizes — books which are easily held by little hands. When a child is able to feel comfortable with something with no help, it helps the child gain independence. Board books have not changed much over the years, they are still made from the same sturdy card stock with pages that little fingers can grasp and turn. In many cases, the books are in special shapes that convey the content. The board that is used has proven over the years that it can stand up to the drooling and biting that some children can dish out.

Children’s board books should be introduced early. This promotes awareness that in the beauty and value of reading.Save

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