The Three Steps Used To Install Dental Implants In Kittanning, PA

Pennsylvania residents could completely restore their smile through cosmetic dental surgery. Their preferred dentist can evaluate the condition of their teeth to determine if these procedures are beneficial for them. If you wish to learn more about Dental Implants in Kittanning PA today.

How Implant Surgery is Performed

Step 1: Extracting the Damaged Teeth

The dentist extracts the teeth that are damaged severely. In most cases, the dentist will apply a numbing solution onto the gums to prevent the patient from feeling the injection. Next, they inject Novocain into the section of gums in which the damage tooth is located. In most cases, the medication will wear off after about an hour after the procedure. The dentist extract the tooth or teeth, after the gums are numb completely. It is necessary for the patient to wait at least a two-week period for the gums to heal before the dentist begins the process for installing Dental Implants in Kittanning PA and an examination is needed.

Step 2: Installing the Roots

The dentist installs the titanium roots into the jawbone and attaches a connector for the tooth. Prior to this process, the dentist makes a mold of the patient’s teeth and gums to produce a temporary partial. After the roots are installed, the dentist fits the partial over the gums to protect this installation and prevent damage.

Step 3: Installing the Implant Teeth

The last step is to attach the Dental Implants in Kittanning PA after the gums have healed. The dentist connects the teeth to the connector securely. He or she will schedule follow up appointments to determine whether or not an issue has emerged. If this is the case, the dentist will perform the repair without additional costs.

When evaluating Dental Implants in Kittanning PA today, you should consider the benefits and weigh them against the costs. Among the benefits are the restoration of speech and effective chewing. The implants also improve the aesthetic appeal of the patient’s smile and could boost their self-confidence significantly. If you wish to review these options, you should schedule a consultation with your preferred dentist.

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