Discover the Real Advantages of Cross-Cut Shredding

Identity theft is a real threat for businesses today which is why it is so important to destroy sensitive information effectively. One of the ways in which you can protect your business is to get identity theft insurance. A shredder is of course also a very practical solution to prevent identity theft in the first place. There are two main types of shredders on the market. These are the strip shredder and cross-cut shredder. The advantages of Cross-Cut Shredding make the latter a more sensible investment.

A strip cut will usually shred documents into long strips. Anyone with enough time and experience on their hands can potentially piece together such a document. A cross-cut shredder on the other hand offers a more refined shredding capability. These shredders cut both the length and the width of the document with the result resembling confetti. There are different security levels for these types of shredders with the most powerful being able to shred each document into 1500 tiny pieces. These pieces of paper are therefore much more difficult to piece together especially where different documents have been shredded at the same time.

Apart from the security advantages, there are more practical advantages to using a cross-cut shredder. The waste from these shredders is more compact, meaning that the units’ waste bin is able to handle more debris. This in turn means that less time will be spent emptying the waste bin and more time spent shredding and tak ing care of other important office work. These shredders are also high performance and durable, and require little in the way of maintenance. Such equipment only needs to be oiled regularly to achieve peak performance.

It is however worth mentioning that cross-cut shredders are more expensive than their counterparts. Still, it is important to keep in mind that you are paying for a higher level of security which ultimately makes the shredder a worthy investment. Cross-cut Shredding can help prevent identity theft and ensure that any sensitive information that has been shredded cannot be pieced back together. You should talk to an expert for more information on how a cross-cut shredder can help your business especially where privacy and security is concerned. Contact Shred Confidential, they help you pick the right shredding equipment based on the level of security that you require. Follow us on Twitter for our latest updates!

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