The Qualities of a Good Bartender

One of the most in demand jobs in the world is a bartender, and if you want to become one, you need to follow a certain path. The first, most important thing is for you to get either a state-issued Bartending Certification Online or in a classroom setting. This certification gives you the foundation that you need to go out in pursuit of a lucrative career in bartending. After receiving your certification you will then need to get a job so you can start honing your skills. Here are a few of the different qualities that a good bartender must possess in order to be successful.

The Right Personality

One of the most important things that a bartender must have in order to be successful is a great and outgoing personality. You need to be able to carry on conversation with your customers so that they feel like they are being engaged. The last thing that you want to do is seem standoffish and cold because this will cost you and the business that you work for a lot of business in the process.

A Great Memory

Another very important thing that you must have when bartending is a great memory believe it or not! You will take orders for five drinks at a time! You need to remember which drink goes to who. The last thing people want to deal with is a forgetful bartender. You want to make sure that you remember all of the drink orders that are placed with you because this will ensure fast service, which your customers will appreciate. A good memory will also help when giving the right change back to a customer and knowing who gives you what tip. There are many exercises that you can do to strengthen your memory that will be well worth the time that you put in to them.

Being a Team Player

Yet another thing you need to think about when trying to become the best bartender is your ability to work with a team. There are many different positions in a bar, which means you will have to work with many people in order to get the job done. Be sure that you are always friendly and that you are approachable. If you are rude or short with your team members, you may not have a job for too long. The more of team attitude that you have, the more enjoyable your work experience will be.

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