Get into the Game with Airsoft Accessories

Weekend warriors with a penchant for realism are putting down their paintball guns and picking up Airsoft rifles more and more. This fast-paced, adventurous game pits players against each other in adrenaline-pumping action. Getting the most out of the adventure, however, it does call for the right Airsoft accessories.

Just What is Airsoft?

Airsoft games are played in a similar fashion to paintball, involving mock military scrimmages. With one side pitted against another, teams compete against each other by firing non-metallic pellets at the competition. Like paintball, this military simulation doesn’t cause injury to players that have the right Airsoft accessories. The strike of an Airsoft pellet, however, can hurt just a bit, making those accessories all the more important.

Must-Have Accessories

While the only thing that’s technically required to play this type of game in a backyard setting is the gun, CO2 cartridges if the gun calls for them and pellets, there are a number of accessories that make the game safer and more enjoyable. Some of the must haves include:

  • Proper safety gear – Eye protection, at the very minimum, should be used when playing Airsoft. Aside from that many players also invest in special Airsoft tactical accessories that include tactical pants, gloves, helmets, and shirts. This specially designed gear can provide camouflage for serious gaming action and it also offers some protection against impact.
  • Magazines – It’s never fun to be in the heat of battle and run out of ammo. That’s why many players stock up on extra magazines to ensure rapid fire action isn’t interrupted. With the right gear added into the mix, carrying these magazines is as simple and allows for fast reloading.
  • Silencers and Optics – These Airsoft accessories are a part of a few important factors. Serious players can also invest in scopes, flashlights, lasers, mounts, enhanced sights and more. Optics can allow the user to quickly / precisely acquire and engage targets. Silencers or Barrel Extensions allow the user to run a longer inner barrel for increased engagement distance.
  • Cameras – Recording the action can just be fun or it can prove as critical footage for actual military war games and competitive players. There are a variety of options that work directly with rifles to enable easier recording. Depending on which camera you choose, there are different fields of view. This works especially well if you have a camera mounted to your head gear.

Airsoft accessories aren’t technically required to enjoy this fast-paced alternative to paintball, but they do enhance game play by making it safer, more competitive, and more fun.

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