The Importance of Truck Scales

Some States regulate commercial dealings, whereby the price of a cargo or commodity is determined by its weight. If the State in which you own and operate your business has this requirement your truck scale must conform to NTEP-National Type Evaluation Program-Certificate of Conformance standards set by that State’s department of weights and measures. The NTEP program is regulated and managed by the NCWM-National Conference on Weights and Measure-and consists of private and public members to maintain an equal marketplace equity. All scales are evaluated in a laboratory to determine whether they fall within those published tolerance levels and those that do are given a certificate.

Any component or part of your truck scale must have an independent NTEP certificate of Conformance. In other words, both the load cells and the weight indicator and any other conforming part must have a certificate of verification.

After Purchase

Once you purchase your truck scale in Baltimore, for example, you must make sure it has the correct zoning, if needed. You must also ensure that there is a ‘level’ and ‘straight’ approach for vehicles to enter and exit the truck scale. This means that they should be able to drive straight onto the base of the scale without having to turn the steering wheel.

You must also be clear that your truck scale has sufficient strength for soil bearing and it must be set to the highest weight capacity needed for the largest vehicle to pass through. The generally accepted tolerance is usually three thousand to four thousand pounds for each square foot. Overhead power cables or telephones lines are prohibited from interfering in any use of the truck scale and you must also allow for the use of a crane to be able to deliver and unload a new truck scale, should it be needed. You should also install guardrails or barriers to prevent over reaching by a careless truck driver and some level of communication between the scale operator and the truck driver is also advised. This can be a radio or even a cell phone.

Ordinarily, the weight indication instrument should have a place where it can be set within easy access and easy view. You should also make sure that you have a power cable that can be plugged into the weight indicator without any extension cables or danger of it being tugged out or causing an accident.

If you are unsure about any regulations, rules or requirements when buying and installing a truck scale, you would be advised to contact your local zoning office or weights and measures department to get any appropriate advice. They will steer you in the right direction and offer information on compliance.


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