“Sludging” in Toyota engines – a common problem

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Repair & Services

The problem of oil gelling in Toyota engines is a common problem. Sometimes referred to as engine sludge, the problem is not only confined to older models. Lots of the newer Toyota repair in Salt Lake City suffer from the same problem. Toyota engines are generally sound but this problem has been symptomatic of this particular brand of engine for a number of years. It is advisable to regularly check for a build of any oil or sludge when inspecting the engine.

Why does it happen?
The reason for this oil gelling problem is a complex one but involves the burning off of additional substances that are present in the oil. These substances are then turned into other substances that pollute the oil and cause a build up of dirt and general mess in the oil. This is not only a problem confined to Toyota engines. Other engines have been known to fall foul of this problem and there have been instances in the past whereby even renowned cars such as Mercedes have suffered. Once this process occurs it is imperative that professional advice and assistance is sought as this particular problem can lead to more major problems with other parts of the engine further down the line.

How to prevent it
The easiest way is to have your oil replaced regularly by a recognized automotive technician. They will ensure that your oil change is efficiently managed and that all the related components are cleaned or replaced as required. There are various automotive companies offering the skills of experienced technicians regarding all aspects of Honda, Subaru and, with more relevance to this particular problem, Toyota repair in Salt Lake City. Their teams of experts will be on hand to guide you through any remedial processes and offer you assistance and advice with any problems associated with your motor vehicle. By identifying the problem at an early stage and taking steps to carry out the necessary repairs or replacements we reduce the chances of a more serious problem occurring with regard to the engine and its components.

Feedback from Toyota
In response to this problem, Toyota have very kindly offered to assist any current Toyota owners with repairs or remedial work needed due to damage caused by this particular problem. Customers can contact Toyota, who will inform them of what help they can receive and what costs can be saved by replacing some key engine parts relating to this problem. These parts include bearings, oil pumps, seals, gaskets, rings and pistons. It is possible that all of these things can be replaced free of charge depending upon personal circumstance. Always seek professional advice when considering remedial or repair work relating to your motor vehicle.


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