The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

An effective fire protection plan must include the right equipment. For example, some companies may need fire extinguishers and hoses while others can get by with just extinguishers. Just about every business needs fire suppression equipment, and fire extinguisher cabinets provide many important benefits. Here are some good reasons to choose the right fire extinguisher cabinets for your extinguishers.

What Are Fire Extinguisher Cabinets?

Extinguisher cabinets are specially made to store and protect your portable fire suppression equipment. You can buy storage units that fit flush with the wall. This gives you maximum space while still protecting your equipment. However, in many facilities, it’s not feasible to install built-in or flush units, and you can find some very durable and functional cabinets which fit your business needs.

Damage Prevention

When extinguishers don’t have special protection, they are easily damaged in many commercial and industrial facilities. Protection is especially important when you have power equipment in use. It only takes one incident of a distracted driver to cause serious damages. Fire extinguisher cabinets give your equipment a high degree of protection from accidental damage.

Preventing Abuse

Most employees know not to play with things like fire suppression equipment, but some people are thoughtless and don’t think about the repercussions of their actions. Keeping extinguishers properly stored helps to discourage people from abusing them.

Keeping Your Equipment Clean

Extinguishers need to be in a clean and safe environment. This ensures they work properly when you need them. Many facilities are dusty and sometimes dirty, and it’s easy for equipment to get dirty or grimy. Storage cabinets are the simple solutions to these problems.

Location Marking

In large warehouses and manufacturing facilities, it is not always easy to see where fire suppression equipment is. Brightly colored fire extinguisher cabinets make it possible for everyone to find them, even if there is smoke in the building.

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